Dileoffice is part of EXPOSINER.

Dileoffice is pleased to share pictures of our new permanent exhibition located in Pedreguer (North Alicante) within the consortium of companies called EXPOSINER. This is a unique exhibition space dedicated to state of the art technology in automation applied to housing/business, audio-visual equipment, decorative lighting techniques, bathrooms, air-conditioning, swimming pools with intelligent maintenance systems, office furniture, and much more. We invite you to meet and discuss the potential advantages. In addition to our active involvement in this consortium where we will be periodically renewing the stalls, we will be participating in many different areas and applications.


DILEOFFICE producto assembly instructions.

At Dileoffice, we care about constantly improveming of our communications with our customers and friends, and for this reason, we regularly update our website such that we can respond to any inquiries.
Videos with instructions showing how to assemble our chairs have been updated, and our downloadable PDF with high quality graphics will explain everything.

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