The Acer + enters the Álava medical school


"With cutting-edge features and design, the Acer+ is a combination of noble materials that form perfectly ordered edges to provide optimum ergonomic functionality. Resistant, comfortable and durable."
This is how the Dilebook describes the Acer+ chair collection, a collection which allows you to create environments where sensations prevail over form.
Our Partner in Vitoria, BZ2 Mobiliario, a company with more than 20 years of experience in advising and designing all types of facilities, has used Dile and the Acer+ to equip the medical school of Álava, the capital of Vitoria.
The project focused on equipping the meeting rooms of the medical school, a vital space for the economy of the area because it is where entrepreneurs and those responsible for the strong industry of Alava meet.
The result is reflected in the images, where vanguard design and ergonomics combine to provide comfort for business meetings.


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